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PlastEco Ltd. is a company specializing in the chemical recycling of plastic waste and related services.

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plasteco Ltd.

From Waste Plastics to Clean Plastic Oil

PlastEco Ltd. chemically recycles plastic waste and provides related services, using the best available technology of the industry. The company is based in the Kujala area of Lahti in collaboration with Salpakierto Ltd. PlastEco is a start-up owned by Global EcoSolutions Ltd., 5D Investment Ltd., and EcoProX Ltd.

The partner of the company in plastic oil processing technology is Biofabrik GmbH, and its facility financial partner is Helmi Säästöpankki.


Our solution minimizes the transportation of waste, reducing its harmful  environmental effects.

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Our process significantly improves the recycling of plastic waste.

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Our equipment produces 1000 liters of clean plastic oil from 1000 kilograms of waste plastic.

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Get to Know Our Plastic Oil Production Process

As of the early 2023 onwards, PlastEco Ltd. will start the production of plastic oil from recycled plastic. We employ a distributed recycling solution to minimize transporting waste avoiding harmful environmental effects. Our process significantly improves the recycling of plastic waste as we redirect waste plastics from burning into a newly reusable raw material.

Our equipment produces 1000 liters of clean plastic oil from 1000 kilograms of plastic waste, which is completely reusable as a raw material of plastics. Gas produced as a byproduct of the process is completely used as the energy source for the process.


Firstly, Salpakierto Ltd. receives the waste and sorts plastic materials from mixed waste.



Afterwards, the plastics are washed, sliced, and thermo-chemically processed into its original raw materials.


As a result the produced plastic oil will be used as a replacement of crude oil in the petrochemical industry for production of different types of plastics.


Technology partner Biofabrik GmbH

Biofabrik’s modular WASTX Plastic technology transforms plastic waste into recycling oil – which gets back into the raw material cycle as a basis for recycled plastics.

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key personnel

Get to Know Our Team

Kari Larjava
Chief Executive Office, PhD in Technology

Kari Larjava has an extensive employment history at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland in various leadership roles, specializing in energy and environment technology.

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Tuomo Järvinen
Chairman of the Board, M.Sc.(Eng)

Tuomo Järvinen is an experienced business manager and has worked as a chief executive officer in business leadership and developmental roles and in developmental roles in the technology and process equipment industry in several internationally operating companies.

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Petri Jaakkola
Board Member of the Board, PhD in Physics

Petri Jaakkola has extensive experience in international business, operating as a chief executive officer and owner. His specialty area has been environment technology related business.

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Reijo Kohonen
Board Member of the Board, PhD in Technology

Reijo Kohonen has a solid background in international business development, specifically in areas of energy and community technologies.

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